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egonAbout Egon Beaart

Egon’s experience spans over 33 years with the Dutch Ministry of Defence, first in active military service and with the Royal Netherlands Navy as a civilian thereafter.

During his 29 years in the Royal Netherlands Navy, he worked in various functions. While at the headquarters of the Ministry of Defence, Egon specialised as a Change Manager in numerous leadership programs containing large groups of people undergoing immense change. His function at the headquarters was Ad Interim Head for Staff Leadership of the General Defence. He moved on to being Deputy Head in his previous year. Upon request of the Dutch Ministry of Defence in the Netherlands, Egon has carried out a large-scale research on personal leadership (behaviour). During this research, he interviewed people of various professions ranging from Members of Parliament, Leadership gurus and Professors to Military personnel, approximating to some 300 interviews! His report has been referred to often in parliament as a good example. More so, Egon has discussed his research and its method of implementation for the necessary changes in behaviour within the peacekeeping context of Defence, at the headquarters with both the last and current Ministers of Defence.

There are numerous publications of his research in various newspapers, business papers and BNR News radio . Articles have also been published in some Dutch magazines such as Marineblad, Carré and SIGMA. Egon even appeared on Dutch Television, RTL 7, to discuss his business approach.

Having an executive MBA level with a cum laude predicate on ‘Leadership and Change Management’, Egon is currently occupied with presentations on personal leadership. He poses a model to really change one’s life towards the path of success: the V.I.P.factor®. He is an experienced public speaker with audiences ranging from 50 to over 500 people giving presentations for the Marines, the Royal Netherlands Navy, Ministry of Defence, the National Railways, High schools, AKZO Nobel, Reed Business, Belgium Police School, and more.

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